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Surge Arrester

A surge arrester is a device to protect electrical equipment from over-voltage transients caused by external (lightning) or internal (switching) events. Also called a surge protection device (SPD)


AC Surge Protective Device SPD Surge Protection Device

Surge Protective Devices are designed to protect against transient surge conditions. Large single surge events, such as lightning, can reach hundreds of thousands of volts and can cause immediate or intermittent equipment failure. However, lightning and utility power anomalies only account for 20% of transient surges. The remaining 80% of surge activity is produced internally. Although these surges may be smaller in magnitude, they occur more frequently and with continuous exposure can degrade sensitive electronic equipment within the facility.

some of the products approved by TUV, CB, CE, EAC according to IEC 61643-11:2011 and EN 61643-11:2012.

  • T1, Class B, Class I, Iimp(10/350μs): 25kA/50kA , 50KA/100KA

  • T1+T2, Class B+C, Class I+II, Iimp(10/350μs): 7kA/12,5kA/25kA

  • T2, Class C, Class II, In(8/20μs): 10/20kA, Imax(8/20μs): 20/40kA

  • T3, Class D, Class III, Uoc(1.2/50μs): 10kV, In(8/20μs): 5kA, Imax(8/20μs): 10kA

  • AC SPD voltage (Un): 60Vac, 120Vac, 230Vac, 400Vac, 480VAc, 690Vac, 900Vac

  • AC SPD voltage (Uc): 75Vac, 150Vac, 275Vac, 320VAc, 385Vac, 440Vac, 600Vac, 750Vac, 1000Vac

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