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Surge and Electrical Equipment Safety

Are your electrical equipments safe?

Our house, factories are full of costly electrical and electronics equipment, but they can be damaged due to power surge or transient voltage, i.e. an increase in voltage significantly

above the designated level in a flow of electricity.

In India normally the standard voltage is 230 volts in households and offices, and if the voltage rises above 230 volts, then there is a problem. So what is the solution for it? LPS Surge protector is an electrical device that protects the device from the being damage due to sudden surges. Voltage is a measure of a difference in electric potential energy.

Electric current travels from point to point because of the difference in electrical potential energy on one end of the wire to the other end. Surge is something that causes an increase in voltage, which lasts three nanoseconds or more. A spike is something that lasts within one to two nanoseconds. So if surge or spike is high enough, it can damage the electrical equipment.

How does an LPS surge protector works?

LPS is a device connected before the load ends or electrical equipment. So if there is an unwanted surge or spike in the line voltage (230V ), the LPS surge protector diverts it to the ground. In technical terms, we can say a component MOV (metal oxide variaster) is present inside, which diverts the surge or spike to ground through a ground.

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