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Surge Protection Device SPD for Photovoltaic PV solar Applications

Photovoltaic applications are found within the Solar Industry. It is important to protect Photovoltaic (PV) Panels from surge to allow maximum ROI to the investors. By far, the biggest culprit of electrical surges rendering damage to solar panels is direct and indirect lightning strikes to the system.

FLP-PV & SLP-PV series for installation of the DC side to protect the terminal device in a PV system, like solar panels and inverters against the effects of lightning surge current.

Visual Indication: Green=OKRed=Replace.


  • Integrated keying prevents plug/base voltage mismatching errors at the time of replacement.

  • Remote alarm contact to make status monitoring easy.

  • Quick thermal response for self-protection.

  • kv Voltage protection level (Up): <2.2 to <5,2

  • T1+T2, Class B+C, Class I+II, Iimp(10/350μs): 6,25kA, Itotal 12,5kA

  • T2, Class C, Class II, In(8/20μs): 20kA, Imax(8/20μs): 40kA

  • Ucpv: 600Vdc/1000Vdc/1200Vdc/1500Vdc

  • IP20 Degree of Ingress Protection

PV Surge Arrester T1+T2

PV 1000 T1+T2
PV 600 T1+T2
PV 1500 T1_T2

PV Surge Arrester  T2

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