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Highly sensitive electronic systems can be found in many fields of railway transportation. However, buildings, systems, and the associated electronic equipment are vulnerable to lightning strikes and other electromagnetic sources of interference.


ARC Impulse Inc , an expert in lightning protection, surge protection and earthing, provides a comprehensive portfolio of protective devices and solutions for electromobility – among others for the charging infrastructure.



Street lights are currently being retrofitted in many cities, communities, and municipal utilities. In this process, conventional luminaries are frequently replaced by LEDs. To ensure longevity and availability and to avoid unnecessary maintenance, a suitable and particularly efficient surge protection concept should be incorporated at the design stage or at a later date.

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Chemical and petrochemical systems (for example, refineries or oil, gas and product pipelines) are important main arteries of individual countries and entire regions. These systems heavily depend on the reliable operation of electrical and electronic equipment. However, the direct and indirect effects of lightning strikes and other transients can threaten the smooth operation of these systems. Their large surface area, location or design as well as the use of modern measuring and control equipment bear substantial risk potential.



A variety of electrical and electronic devices are used in modern buildings which are subject to surges from various sources. These devices must be protected to improve their longevity and usage.

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